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The Worshipful Master has adopted: 

Helping Hands (Registered Charity No: G38974762), as his main Charity for 2019

Helping Hands in tenerife make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged and disabled children.

They assist individual children and their families who are in desperate need of help. They provide specialist equipment, therapeutic activities, short breaks or simply a wonderful day out for a child and their family - their work makes a child's life happier or just a little easier. Helping Hands relies on donations to provide this support.

At the Meeting on 20th April 2019, the Lodge voted to donate €1000 to this Charity.  When the donation is made, we will update this page with a photograph!

Photos of Charity Donations 2017 - 2018

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Photo: W. Bro. Don Oliver presents a cheque in the sum of €900 to Señora Elena Cañete

MASONIC YEAR 2017 - 2018

Lodge Teide 34 which was consecrated in 1988, as the oldest English speaking Lodge in the Canary Islands, has for many years made financial donations to groups which receive little or no help from Government sources. These groups provide a much needed service to assist those who often struggle to give the required support to members of their families who suffer from physical or mental disabilities. One such group is one based in La Orotava , The Probosco Association which was founded in 1989 with the aim of providing adult resources for persons suffering the aforementioned disabilities who need a lot of support.

This year the Lodge was able to make a donation of €900 which will go towards the expense of purchasing a special water bed which is used to stimulate those with physical disabilities. The donation was received with gratitude by Señora Elena Cañete a Director of the Probosco Association

The mission of the group is to improve the quality of the personal life of those individuals with a disability and that of their families offering help proportional to their needs. They look at ways of adapting physical activity to the needs and specific characteristics of each individual, without neglecting innovation and satisfaction. The group currently have a day centre and residential accommodation with the intention of working towards achieving the quality of life that every person deserves by right. The daily tasks undertaken aim to get social inclusion in the community where the affected individuals may participate as a resource, serving to inform the public they are not silly families. This is achieved by involvement in cultural and recreational activities, making friends and having the opportunity to have a holiday amongst the general public, thereby dispelling some of the concerns occasionally expressed. 

Sister Teresa, Mother Superior Francisca & V. W. Bro Alexander Brown

As part of the €2400 donated to support local charities during the 2017/2018 Masonic Year, V. W. Bro Alexander Brown and W. Bro. Don Oliver , two members of Lodge Teide 34 , visited the Hospital of the Inmaculada in Puerto de la Cruz to present a cheque for €625 to the Mother Superior.

This donation formed part of a bequest made by Brother Ron Bradford , a past member of the Lodge, in appreciation of the assistance given by Teide Lodge to him and his wife at a time when it was much needed.

This will enable the hospital to purchase much needed catering equipment which will further improve the quality of life of those cared for by the staff of the hospital, which is dependent on charitable contributions.

The Hospital were further aided by Mrs Sheila Bister, widow of W. Bro. Roger Bister, who had been a member of Lodge Teide 34 until his untimely death in April 2017, who donated an “Evac Chair” in memory of her late husband

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